John the Baptist, 18.02.2000 (from the Book: ... that I Preserve you from the Judgement of the Lord  - Conclusion and Prayer)

    February 18, 2000

    How often did I go into this world to bring peace, to give love, to speak for the truth. But, never did I find peace, at no place did I experience love, from no terrestrial power did I see the courage of truth.

    And again have I gone into this world to bring the all-one Spirit, the all-one Word, the Eternal Commandment. But, those for whom I came bent and defiled me, walked upon me and defamed me, chased me off and held my word against me. They spoke of love and faithfulness, they feigned the word of having transgressed themselves and of the service to the spirit of redemption and, yet, only wanted that I should serve their »man«,and bow to their vanity.

    If they had only left me, but they betrayed me. They violated my word, trampled my spirit underfoot. They speak of love and truth, but they only want to be loved and honoured for the sake of their »man«. Their only interest is to receive love and redemption. They would not give the tip of their hair, not the nail of their finger to give love and understanding to the brother, to give redemption to their sister. They will enter into the endless army of Satan to fight against me and Christ. Yes, they will fulfil the word of Christ which is: »They will chase and kill you, and believe to do God a service by doing so.«

    They heard my word on the cunning of Satan over and over again, but they rejected it for the sake of the pride and haughtiness of their transient »man«.

    They searched my word and wooed for my strength like the foolish and silly, like the deluded and self–righteous ones. They do like the whores for their remuneration, like the grocers for their income, like the Pharisees for their official position.

    The True Spirit, however, they cannot delude. To disturb my Work, they lack the strength and the courage. Satan has won them for himself, after a long period of testing and approbation. But Satan will recognize that they will not be of help to him, because they wish neither to serve someone nor to love somebody, except for themselves. So the work of Satan and the deed of his tools is in vain before the Spirit of the Only Truth.

    In vain, however, were also all my love, my deeds on, and words to them. So they will be refused what they desired. So they forfeited what they hoped for: The bond of the brothers, the bond of redemption, the Covenant of the Rose of the Night that blossomed the day Jesus was born. So they will have to experience the hour of bitterness and taste the truth of my words that my sword will separate them from the righteous and chosen ones of the Lord, that my love redeems and rejects that my word heightens the ones in Christ, but rejects the others before the love and faithfulness of the Spirit.

    So understand it and discern it well. Only he may enter into the Heaven of Love and Faithfulness who has owned up his love and faithfulness to heaven in the temptation of his »man«, in the transgression of his fleeting body; in his avowal, and in his devotion to Jesus the Christ and his loyal followers.

    My being, my doing, my word is avowal and devotion to truth and love, to Jesus the Christ, to the unity and the bliss of the all one Spirit.

    Do you men of this world really believe that the chatterers, vain and self–righteous ones, the traitors and slanderers, the dis- loyal and cowardly ones will be the chosen ones of heaven?

    Does this world really believe that Christ will also take those to him, who disrespect but one of his disciples, a messenger of the light?
    Do these souls and bodies actually think that the heavens are even open to those who lip–reveal their love to the Spirit and disrespect and betray but one single herald of the light?

    Who understands my word in this world however, recognizes the greatness and the grandeur of the heaven, the paradise of Jesus Christ.

    I have again come into this world to search and gather those wishing to attain salvation in the paradise of Christ. The way is difficult, the toil in the body is great. The joy,, however will be endless for those discerning the greater, the eternal, the unimaginable: the heaven of love, faithfulness, and devotion beyond the salvation of the body and the world,. The unbreakable covenant of the Spirit that suffers pain, humiliation, misery, and disrespect in this world to reach the highest: the truth and eternity of the Spirit, the invulnerability of being in the Almighty.

     O you man–bodies, you man–souls, I know your plights, I know of your sorrows, I myself experience your doubts and pains, nonetheless, I am telling you:

    »Do not look for eternity in the fleeting, do not hope for everlasting life in the dying body, do not expect peace in the world of Satan counteracting to the Spirit of God. The body of man and the world of Satan will never experience peace, fulfilment, and salvation before the Work in the Name of Elijah – John – Jesus will have been done and fulfilled.«

    Yet, my word, will be disregarded until the Hour of the Spirit will fill the earth–globe. My name will be esteemed lightly until the Hour of Bitterness will seize mankind. My spirit will be despised until the Hour of Truth will abolish the haughtiness of this world.

    O world, o man, do discern it or reject it!

    But I am telling you, o world, o man: Your will and your doing is serving Satan, the ruler of this world. And so this world will not be able to stand before the True and Only Lord and God. Do you wish to ask of me what will happen? he realm of Satan will be burnt in the Fire of the Spirit. And burnt will be all the bodies and souls imprisoned in the willing and doing of Satan.

    Defy of me, disregard me, and reject me, because for this I have come, because the Spirit will be valued lightly up to the hour in which he will show his force. Then, however, you will recognize how you have wronged him.

    John the Baptist


John the Baptist
March 1994

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
over how many cities did you cast your shadow.

John the Baptist 06.03.94

Francis of Assisi


Turn away from this world, for the body and the joy thereof is the pleasure of the antichrist.

Francis von Assisi

John the Baptist, December 3, 1997

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Into your hands I am laying the rose of the night that blossomed the day Jesus was born.

John the Baptist
Dezember 3, 1997







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