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At the time of Jesus Christ a few hundreds million people lived in this world. Only around 1800 a.d., with the beginning of industrialisation, the figure of a billion of people was exceeded. Today we are close to 7 billions. For 2025 already 8 billions are predicted.

We are living in a rapidly changing world. Daily we are fired with news without end. Throughout our day it is flashing, beeping, ringing. We are completely exposed to internet and mobile communication services, and are restlessly driven. We accumulate endless knowledge, yet, as human beings we become ever more stale. We take notice of natural disasters, the use of force, crime, famines, economic crises, wars, and terrorist attacks around us, and are ticking them off, already the very next day.

Additionally we all have our very own special sorrows, needs, and fears. Rules and regulations narrow our scope. We are letting things drift, and we are being driven. Our inner freedom decreases continuously.

Fort he spiriutally interested person this is a hopeless and depressing state. How is it possible to concentrate on God, given such circumstances? How can my mind become free for Him? How can man/woman possibly approach this God?

Undoubtedly there are so many questions in the face of so much affliction and so many cathastrophies. Why does God allow for this? Does He exist at all? Doubts arise concerning His unlimited might. Why doesn’t He interfere? Questions, but no answers. Whereform still take faith and hope? 

It was John the Baptist, who prepared for the mission of Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago. Christianity originated from this.

The Jewish people was no longer able to move freely. Bound in rituals and commandments, the road to spiritual salvation was submerged.

No longer the priests were guideposts,  rather they were high-handed judges. The belief in the One God was dead, as it were. It was a time of administrators of faith. Belief had to serve them, and, thus, their ends.

In powerful speeches John the Baptist levelled a new way to salvation: He freed men/women from the old, worldly rituals and spiritual chains. He inaugurated the one-and-only baptism. Forever, those baptized could now stand freely before God. John the Baptist pointed to Jesus Christ, and zeroed him in the centre as the Redeemer of Mankind. At the same time, he himself (John the Baptist) receeded into the background..

The times then and now are similar. More urgently than ever before the world again is in need of a John the Baptist.


John The Baptist - His Renewed Return

Today a man, who is most devotedly connected with the Spirit of John the Baptist, is living amongst us. This is documented by the following word of John the Baptist:

»You my I,
you my being
you and I - one truth«

He has been receiving the Baptist’s Word for far more than 20 years, and hands it on to men/women.

Hans Bernd Altinger re-wrote John the Baptist’s life in his book >>John the Baptist, His Life and Work – His Return<<.

There are two videos, relating to this oeuvre (see sidebar on the right), giving a very good survey. In them Altinger also tells, how it came about that a career-changer, like himself, wrote such a book. Interesting.

Apparently our time needs this Word of John. From the spiritual point of view, we are in need of a realignment of our complete life towards God. Looking at the world, we see Might and Mammom reign. God no longer has a place. Thus, „merely“ an adjustment would be insufficient, by far.

The word of John is inconvenient, very clear and outspoken. It explains the principle of the world, and asks for recognition and reversion. The words separate spirit and matter, knowledge and illusion, eternal salvation in the spirit of God, and strife for happiness and fulfillment in this world. E.g., John  describes the spiritual perspective on man and world with the following words:

»O, you bodies of men, o, you souls of men, I know your troubles, I am familiar with your plights, I even experience your doubts and pains, nonetheless, I am telling you: Do not look for eternity in the vanishing, do not hope for everlasting life in the dying body, do not expect peace in the world of Satan that is opposing the Spirit of God. The body of man and the world of Satan will never experience peace, fulfillment and salvation before the mission in the name of Elijah-John-Jesus has ended and is fulfilled.«

This analysis of the world is the basis for his primary concern: He herolds of the end of time, the last judgement, the struggle of the light against darkness. Whatever opposes the True Spirit, will not last. John speaks of the love of the fire and of the lava of purification.

This love will come down to earth as verifyer and separator, and out of the fire of love will stream the lava of purification. Yet, the mean, the spoilt, and the resisting cannot be purified.

With his word, he wants to equip mankind with the requisite know-how. So that they may be spiritually steeled for the struggle of the True Light against darkness, the fight between God and Satan, ahead of them. This will be a painful, mind-boggling process, during which even the whole cosmos will undergo a change. A purification must be connected with it.

Looking at this superficially, fears arise. Yet, looking away is no solution. All of us men/women must face it. John the Baptist does not shy away from also saying the unpleasant.

How difficult, ever, the way may be, for man/woman on earth, there will be a rewarding end: This world will find true peace. When Satan is defeated. Then God will reside among men/women for the first time. The time of which Isaiah heralded 2500 years ago, will be.

»The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them. The cow and the bear shall graze; their young shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder’s den. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.«

Why is John the Baptist doing this right now? He prevened 2000 years ago to prepare mankind for the coming salvation in Jesus Christ. He now foreruns again, spiritually and terrestrially. Time must be pressing. Which other explanation would there be?

Satan can only be overwhelmed by the interference of God. When will that be? There is much speculation about the point in time, yet, in the messages we have, no date is mentioned. Lastly what can already be read at Mark, the Evangelist (13:32), applies unrestrainedly: >>But about that day or hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father<<


The Teaching of John - The Messages of John the Bapitst in a Book

For more than two decades the Word of John the Baptist has been in this world. At many occasions it was handed on to men/women through his body. Ursula Valentin, a woman, who from the very beginning accompanied the way of the terrestrial John, compiled the words in her book „…That I Preserve You From the Judgement oft he Lord“ (see right-hand sidebar) and made them accessible to all men/women.

As the main topic the messages of John the Baptist contain the description of darkness, of the luciferic-satanic life-principle of this world, and the flagging-up oft he way back into divine salvation – guided by the Spirit of Elijah-John-Jesus. The teaching of John the Baptist is Gnostic, it does not square with the teaching of the present Christianity. The Gnostic point of view is decidedly necessary to understand and find the spiritual path out of the darkness. A mixture, like common today, excludes itself.

Often the words of John’s Teaching are unpleasing – because they are directed against our >man/woman<, our ego. Thus it is good that they are taken down. Otherwise the danger would be great, that the words would readily be adapted and falsified >in the terms of man<. And, like Francis already addressed us many centuries ago >> man, do die, before you die <<, John the Baptist demands the same today, when he speaks of the overcoming of our >man/woman<.

Three messages of John the Baptist have been put online as videos. You may find the respective links at the right-hand sidebar.



The Covenant of the Rose


John the Baptist has returned to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. He is assisted by an army of spiritual helpers, fighting for the Word and the Spirit of God. These are, among others, the biblical Prophets, the Mother of Jesus Christ: Mary, the Apostles Peter and John, and many more. Their doing is directed by the Spirit of Elijah-John.

On the pages of this site messages of some of these spiritual beings are cited. Who received them?

Some few men/women are embraced by the spirit of their brothers, yonder. They received the word of these spiritual beings medially and took them down. For these persons this happened ‚out oft he blue‘. They were solidly involved in every-day life, and suddenly were confronted with a fact, that made them seem to be esoteric loons. However, the contrary is true. They all have demanding and time-consuming professions, in which pragmatic and relistic thinking is prerequisite for success.

Their words clearly show: John the Baptist is the highest fighter of the light in the battle against Satan, in the fight against the antipole of God. He, and all those united in this army, form a brotherhood of the light, the so-called „Covenant oft he Rose“. They are the spiritual servants and helpers of John the Baptist.

In the book >>The Covenant oft he Rose<<  by Walo Winberg many messages of these high spiritual comrades-in-arms are printed. The words are giving informations, illuminating what John the Baptist is expressing in his messages.



John the Baptist has returned into this world. With this homepage, the author wishes to make it possible, that all men/women may learn about it. For the interested reader there is the chance to increase his/her understanding.

For the spiritually searching one, the constant discussion on world and God’s Word, will be the source for increased understanding. Also for this, this site exists. More spiritual insight can only be useful in the time to come, the biblical end-time.

Those saying that all of this is the >idea of an esoteric loon<, I am addressing them with the following: You are living several thousands of years ago: suddenly somebody begins to build a ship in the desert, explaining, God had enlightend him to know, that soon the whole country would be flooded by a big rainfall.

This also was not believed, - then. Yet, it did happen.

Things repeat themselves. The word of John the Baptist is worried and emphazises upcoming, decisive changes. The word calls us to now espose ourselves and to make up our mind to follow the words of the spirit and, thus, towards the Almighty, Eternal God, and towards Jesus Christ.

The Antichrist will raise his voice. Giving the illusive impression that he is repeating, what Jesus Christ already said before. But, he (the Antichrist) will stand up for body and matter. And for the preservation of this world. This is Satan’s false teaching, because glory, happiness and peace are not possible in this world, - this world being separated from the Only and True God.

John the Baptist will appear empowered in the antagonism at that time. Against the Antichrist. The Baptist’s word heralds the salvation, the glory and the bliss in the Spirit. His word will be a sheath. It will separate between those men/women heading for the spirit, and those fighting for their well-being in matter. There will be no compromise.



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John the Baptist - his true Life and Work -
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... that I Preserve you from the Judgement of the Lord
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