The Time of the Spirit has Commenced,

    Whilst Man’s Time is Ending.

    Increasing numbers of natural disasters, droughts, floods, earthquakes bring hardship and misery. Man is powerlessly exposed to them.

    Like, at all times before, wars are waged in this world. Religions frequently play a role in them. The terrorist side of Islam spreads force and terror. In the future, just like today, war and aggression will prevail.

    Mankind speaks of peace, yet, polarisation among men is ever increasing. The trend for escalation is gathering speed in all areas of life, both, at large and small.

    We consider the expansion in communication-development progress. But what is the impact of news and abounding informations on man? How markedly is man already contingent on them? What is their  influence on the stability of peace in this world?

    John the Baptist describes this world as follows:

    „There never was peace, and there never will be peace in a world of the robbed and profaned light.  There never was love, and there never will be love in a world separated from the only and true love by Lucifer. There never was salvation in this world of stone and flesh and blood, and there never will be salvation in this world of the antagonist. There never was unity in this world, and there never will be unity in this world as long as Satan is parting this world from unity“.

    In the eye of the spiritual world, of the noble and of the pure, this world is „a sewer of putrefaction, of death, and of destruction.  A desert of tearing of souls and hopes“.

    The Bible calls Satan the prince of this world. By him this world is discerped from unity. He is the opposite pole to God. As long as he and his power dominate, the world will not change an iota in its principles.

    „This world has not improved during the recent 2000 years, since Christ was on earth. Is has not ameliorated, it has deteriorated, for darkness spit out children and grandchildren, - yes, they are born prolificly. Darkness is nesting in all corners and ends of this world, and I know, it will not want to turn this world over to God. It is the plan of darkness to rather destroy itself, than to return to God. However, this is darkness’ infirmity, and thus God’s plan must take its course, and the word of prophets will eventuate“. (John the Baptist)


    On the Turnabout of Time

    Unity and peace can prevail only, once Satan is defeated, when his power is extinct. The Biblical Revelation predicts this: It is 7th day, we are existing on, and it is ending. The endpoint and the transition to the 8th day are described in the apocalypse: a final combat between God and Satan takes place. God will emerge victorious. The 8th day, the new era commences.

    In the course of this transition, heaven and earth are renewed. The New Jerusalem will emerge, coming from God, it will fill this world with glory. God will wipe off all tears, and death will be no more, nor suffering, nor screams, nor pain; for the first is over now.

    John the Baptist, the Renewed Forerunner of the Lord

     For three decades a man has been in most intimate contact with John the Baptist. John the Baptist has singled him out from billions“. He receives the words of John the Baptist spiritually. Spirit and word of John the Baptist have returned in this man.

    The coming judgement of the Lord „which will bear down Satan’s ban over earth and man, over all matter“ forms a central role in the words of John the Baptist. Again John the Baptist is preparing the coming of Jesus Christ. Like he once preceded the Lamb, he again primes the way for the Lord. „Again I enter the dungeon of the world … to burst open the prison and to free those sincere and faithful to God from the scourge of Satan“.

    „ …, our commander John theBaptist is our greatest fighter in the foremost line“.

    John the Baptist bursts this jail open, that man himself is erecting, functioning as Satan‘s extended arm: „… Take care, ye men, Satan hands you stone by stone. And each one is shapely and shiny.  And you are fond enough to accept one by one. Yet, with each stone the wall of the prince of the world around you becomes a fortified castle of darkness. But, who will occupy this fortress, when each one is the pride and the strife of men’s hearts. So pay heed to my word, ye world, so pay heed, ye men, to what I must herald:

    The pillars of the light will teem down. The army of the spirit will come down“.

    „The world still believes itself to be at peace and quiet, but the illusion will burst by the spirit’s action … John will descend, the course of the world will repose“.


    On the Point in Time

    „… for you God segmented himself  into voice and time of the Father, into voice and time of the Son, into voice and time of the Spirit. Only the time of the Spirit will be the promised realm of peace.

    God is without beginning or end, nonetheless  He has begun his work on earth, and He will perfect it“. (John the Baptist)


    „So let yourselves be guided solely by the true and only spirit. Only he can usher you into the spirit, into Christ’s salvation. Man’s time is ending.  Yet, the time of the spirit has begun. (Mary Magdalene)


    How close to this last event are we? Are we living – also in our perception of time – in the „last days of mankind‘?


    Nobody knows about the point in time, knows about the end. The Evangelist Marc succinctly says, in 13:32: „But about that day or hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father“.

    It is paradoxal. The whole Bible essentially focusses on the last days, and the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, prophets, and apostles told thereof. Yet, nobody, who was incarnated on earth, knows the point in time. But: „the expected will come unexpectedly fast“.

     „I shall come down on a day, when they are holding me and the prophets up to public ridicule. I shall come down at an hour, when haughtiness and sin against the Lord darken the earth“. (John the Baptist)


    On the Final Coup

    John the Baptist and his prophets speak of a final coup, a lightning stroke, by which the world, as it exists today, will be destroyed.


    Is 24:19, 20: With a bang the earth will be utterly broken, torn asunder, violently shaken. The earth will stagger like a drunkard, tossed like a wobbling hut; for its transgression lies so heavily upon it, that it falls, and will not rise again“.


    Rev 20:11: „Then I saw a great white throne, and the one who sat on it; the earth and the heaven fled from his presence, and no place was found for them“.


    Bar 5:7: „For God has ordered that every high mountain and the everlasting hills be made low and the valleys filled up. To make Jevel ground, so that Israel may walk safely in the glory of God“.


    It will take much patience, though, until the coup will be released by God the Almighty. God has promised to provide the power, and to take part. He has given his word. The fight against Satan is forlorn without God‘s help. The combat against Satan can only be won with God.


    It must be a dramatic intervention on our habitat.

    Earth and heaven are shaken: „… the more the day is forthcoming, the more the spirit will come down onto matter and permeate matter. So the laws of matter are no longer tenable. A pressure follows on, entering the interior of the earth. As a result, a movement in the interior of the earth, leading the pressure outward is afoot. In consequence volcanoes, earthquakes and torrents of water, even cyclones develop through the heat transferred to the surface of the earth“.(Jesus Christ)


    „…. the scripture-word, on the destruction of earthly world, has been eventuating for a long time. There is no day, and no hour, when it will happen; there will only be the moment of the final coup“. (John, Rev)


    The spirit will grow and incense this world, we are told. When the lightning stroke reaches the earth, all that is spiritually rigid will break like glass, pulverize like stone.

     „And when the vibration of these true systems reaches you, and your planet, the spirit of God crests you. Vibration means movement and change. Oscillation means permeation. An when rigid matter swings, it will break and crumble. All that is stiff will break to pieces. Also the spiritually rigid will not sustain these oscillations. It will break like glass, be pulverized like stone“. (John the Baptist)


    By this force the dungeon of darkness will be destroyed, Satan and his servants will be wrested of their power. The ‚laws of matter‘, we know, no longer sustain. Volcanoes, earthquakes, torrents of water, even cyclones, caused by heat reaching the surface of the earth, will appear. Continents are divided, and smashed, and swim away like blocks. Stars fall from heaven, seas flood, the sun burns all wood and the fields, lava wells out from heaven.


    The words of Lk 21:6 and 2 Peter 3:12 come true:                                                 

    „As for these things that you see, the days will come, when not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down“.

     „…the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set ablaze and dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire“.

    „Fire and water will generate a new element. But fire and water will also bring destruction. Yet, it is no fire destroyable by water“. (John the Baptist)


    God Promised to Help

    „ Then men are in for great suffering. It is decisive, yet, that the spirit does not wish for the suffering and the misery of the bodies. In his love and mercy God has provided a salving spirit for these destitute men: the Elijah-John-Jesus-Spirit shall rally these bodies around. Every body can then decide, whether he/she heads for salvation, or, if he/she wills to be reborn in a new matter. Whoever recognizes the truth and the spirit can go with us“.

    „It is decisive, that the spirit does not wish for the suffering and the misery oft he bodies“. „Whoever recognizes the truth and the spirit can go with us“. With these two essential sentences Jesus Christ includes all men. And does not differentiate between religions.

    Man is offered help. John the Baptist will be there to provide help, together with those, who are his. Their action is rooted in the salvaging spirit „Elijah-John-Jesus“. It is up to every individual to accept it and to enter salvation.


    What will be the number of those, deciding for the Elijah-John-Jesus Spirit? How many will remain faithful to him, will keep up until the salvaging hand of the spirit takes hold them?

    Darkness will do its utmost to hold everyone tight in matter. Darkness will not voluntarily dismiss anyone to the light.

    There will be such conditions, that even the most abiding ones will be charged beyond limits. How else can the words of the Evangelist Matthew be interpreted: „And if those days had not been cut short, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short“ (Mt 24:22)

    “In the end this applies to all those sustaining, those who did not fall, who called for the spirit and turned away from this world, and did not drop down with pain, in the face of what their eyes saw and their senses perceived: John the Baptist will gather them up and give them a new name. And the name, which everyone will get, will reveal him/her his/her being within a second“.

    John the Baptist is the heading commander. With his helpers he will collect „the scattered children“ and lead them back to the Father.
    „For the one, having received his name by me, will still walk on earth, but his/her being is already in the spirit. How delighted would I be about everyone, who is with me to serve Jesus Christ on that day“.

    Of course this can only happen after Satan is stripped of his power. And when the power is given John the Baptist and those who are his.

    The combat will end as prophesied: the realm of Satan will be seared in the fire of the spirit. And all the bodies and souls confined to Satan’s will and doing will burn.


    On the Metamorphosed World

    The condition of our world, and that of the cosmos around us will be substantially different. It is a new, purified, lightful world:

    "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more“. (Rev. 21:1)

    Whatever turned itself towards the light, will live in the new creation. All those opposing this alteration will not be able to exist on the new earth.

    It is the victory of unity, dualism is ended. Satan no longer has power. Hate and jealousy, egotism in all its peculiarities will be no more. Man’s interior fears are gone by.

    Only then „man is delivered from Satan’s ban. Man is bare of Satan‘s chains and power. Man‘s body no longer is the dungeon of his spirit. Only then man is truly free in his decision“. (John the Baptist)

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