John the Baptist, 19.02.2003

Oh Lord, see, I say of myself that I am your will, and I say so, because you intrusted this to me. O Lord, do forgive all those desparate. Yet, oh Lord, pardoning them is not measuring-up any longer. For, who is capable of believing in  cooling and stigma-healing winds, while sitting in Satanís flames squirming in pains, ever- and everlastingly.

Oh Lord, I came to fulfill your will. Yes, I, who was cut out from the body of Elijah, I, whose origination is in the spirit of Elijah, and I, whose name is Jochanan ben Zacharija.

Oh Lord, do be gracious and provide those with strength, to whom you have given your word. I know, how small and insignificant we all of us are, however important our names may be. I know, that I can forerun as much as I will, as long as you do not wish for it, Christ will not return. Oh Lord, when will I be your will, like you have told me? All pleas for your kind-heartedness and your justice have been put off millenium by millenium. How many bones, how much flesh, how many generations must be tantalized and burnt by the torturer having possession of the world?

When, oh Lord, will you destroy this power?

If we are not those, doing your will, so look for others, yet, do be benignant and let the tribulation end.

Oh Lord, I have no need of an important name, I have no need of the love of men, and I need not citation in menís writings. However, I do need peace to eventuate.

Oh Lord, oh God, I no longer see myself capable of observing the tortures, and so ask your son Jesus Christ, if he is able to do so. He will not. Ask your son Satan, if he can, and he will.

Oh Lord, give us a sign, whom you truly love, whom you are truly committed to, and whom you truly need. We look for truth and clarity. We look for salvation and for peace, for insight and for love. We are not looking for war, neither in the interior, nor in the exterior.

Oh Lord, hear my call and give us a sign. Even when your sign is for the Prince of this World, we will accept it. See, I know, that you are great. And see, I express my thanks to you even in greatest pain.

So be it.          

John the Baptist, 19.02.2003

John the Baptist
March 1994

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
over how many cities did you cast your shadow.

John the Baptist 06.03.94

Francis of Assisi


Turn away from this world, for the body and the joy thereof is the pleasure of the antichrist.

Francis von Assisi

John the Baptist, December 3, 1997

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Into your hands I am laying the rose of the night that blossomed the day Jesus was born.

John the Baptist
Dezember 3, 1997







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