John the Baptist, December 3, 1997

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Into your hands I am laying the rose of the night that blossomed the day Jesus was born. It is the sign of my covenant with Jesus, the Christ, it is the sign of my covenant with you. Keep it in your hearts so that you may recognize it in the hour, when it will be revealed.

For some among you my word is too low. Yes, it is my word, that is low – not the voice of my brother. So ask yourselves: »Can a voice be loud, when it expresses the love to you and the sorrow concerning you. How is your voice, when you are in love and in mourning at the same time«? If your ear does not hear, then open your eyes, because you know that also these hear and read. Yes, I am asking you to open your eyes wider and wider, to separate delusion from true light, to distinguish the eternal being from the terrestrial life of the body and the soul in the labyrinth of darkness. I have never asked you to close your eyes, I rather call upon you: »Do not only hear them, but also look at those who speak to you, because many speak the untrue, and misuse the name of Christ for the work of their dark power. But they disguise darkness in words and rites of the semblance of light, to blindfold the souls«. My word will rise against them, and then my voice will be loud.

My beloved brothers and sisters, when I began addressing my word to you, I spoke of the SPIRIT and the WORD of God that turned into the world, and have not borne fruit in the hearts of men. In many words from then on until now, I have attempted to teach you to understand and see, why the Light of Christ was not accepted by this world, and why this world no longer is God's world.

Only few of you comprehended my word, and the question WHY is still inside your hearts. So I will open the gap of understanding a little for you: There was a dark hour in the history of this planet, in which a pernicious force pressed God's image on earth hard and dislodged it. Yes, this power only had one aim to put itself in God's place, and to create its own laws, its own beings. But who opposes the Spirit of God, looses the power of creation, there remains only the power of forming, and forming means consolidation of spiritual energy. Consolidation of energy, however, is tantamount to also the splitting of the Divine oedema into liquid, gaseous, and solid parts. Thus God's oedema on earth was split into the elements air, water, fire, and earth. God's likeness on earth, and all living beings also had to take the way of estrangement from the Creator–Spirit into matter. You human beings significantly call this act of destruction »creation«. Your science associates this with the »Big Bang«. In truth, however, this was a crash into matter, darkness, pain, and death.

In former times the planet earth was consolidated from God's oedema only into the Power of Love and Creation. There were neither sea nor mountains. The human being created from God's Spirit lived and drew through the oedema of the Omnipotence. He neither had to eat nor drink nor speak, for the spirit nourished him, his thoughts were his language. He did not have to kill to be nor did he have to suffer death. But in the dense matter of the opponent, God's likeness with the fine body and his fine senses could no longer exist. The formed beings of the opponent took possession of the earth, and led the planet into ever denser matter. And they found pleasure in matter and readily cut the bond to the Omnispirit, even when they had to realize that there can be no peace, no lasting life, no true recognition.

But God's love laid a new bond to the earth. An angel stepped down to become man and to create a new people for the Lord. This people was elected to fasten the bond to the Omnipotence and to return the earth into God's Spirit. The earthly name of the sent angel is Abraham, the spiritual name of the people is Israel. As sign of his bond, God gave to his people the word from the non–word, spoken through the mouth of his prophets and HIS BOOK, revealed from His Spirit. It is sevenfold sealed before darkness.

But the world of Satan turned against the people who prayed to the One, True God and sent Pharaoh, Babylon, Nineveh, and much more against them. Blindfolded by the terrestrial luck of the satanic people, much of the people of the Lord deserted, and still merely lip–confess to him. But there will remain steadfast to the end 144000. So do not try to interpret this figure, because this is reserved to those who can read the figure.

The angel who was sent to anew put the people of the Lord into this world and to fasten the bond to the Omnispirit has never left those who are his. He was – and is – constantly with them, to strengthen them, to admonish, and to teach them to see. But persecuted and chased by the opponent, he called for help to God. And the Omnipotence bent down to earth, and sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world of Satan. Do you now know, why the angel gave testimony of the Son, and prepared the way for him? Have you ever heard the word: »When the world hates you, so know that it hated me before you. If you were from this world, the world would love you. Yet, since you are not from this world, but have been elected by me that is why the world hates you. Have they persecuted me, so they will also persecute you. All this they do onto you, because of my name. They will put you under an interdict, and the hour will come, when they will kill you, and think they render God a service by doing so«. These are the words of Jesus Christ to all those hidden behind the figure of 144000, because Satan is intent on destroying their body.

Did you ever hear these words: »Take care that nobody may seduce you. For there will come many in my name and say: ›I am the Christ‹, and will lead many astray. You will hear of wars, and rumor of war. But this will not yet be the end. And one people will rebel against the other, and there will be expensive times, and earth quakes to and fro. But all this is but the beginning of the labor–pains. Then they will relinquish you into grief, and kill you. You will be hated by all peoples for the sake of my name. Then many will succumb to temptation, and betray, and hate one another. Many false prophets will rise and will lead many astray. Then there will be a great bitterness, like there never was from the beginning of the world, and will never be again. But for the sake of the chosen ones the days will be shortened. When, then, somebody will say to you: »Look, here is the Christ or there«, then you shall not believe it. Because many a false Christ or prophet will rise, and do great signs and miracles, so that even the chosen ones would begin to stagger, if they were not strong in me.

I am telling you this in advance so that you will recognize the seduction, when they will tell you: »Look, he is here, or there.« Do not go there and do not believe it. Because, like the lightning sets out from the arising and shines until its coming–down, alike will be my coming. But soon after the bitterness of that time, sun and moon will lose their brightness, the stars will fall from heaven and the powers of heaven will start swaying. But my sign will shine forth on the firmament, and all generations on earth will howl because of their having turned away from the True Son, and they will discern the great power and magnificence of the Son of man. These are the words of Jesus the Christ so that you may recognize the True Light, and not follow the false shine of the seducers.

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, the time remaining to you to see and to understand, is only merely a short while. Also my word to you is not infinite. So I am using this while to still reveal much to you. Do use this while too! Do not direct your thinking and intending to the days of horror, lying ahead of you, because they will come and pass. However, seek redemption in Jesus the Christ. Do not search for it in the teachings of the terrestrial masters, because they want to bind your souls and bodies to this world. They want to chain you to the wheel of reincarnation, and to extinguish the spirit of Christ inside you. And when the hour ends many of you will be confused. But I tell you: A thousand confused souls are unable to replace one who is veracious.

Men will ask themselves: What is John the Baptist coming into this world for again? Isn't Christ here already? Is he not already returned at that place and there in those masters? Do these not work great signs and miracles? Yes, they do so – and the world is lying at their feet! But the world does not examine and discern their true sign, because also this is sealed before the foolish ones. Check their words with the words of Jesus Christ, and you will recognize: They are the false prophets who come to you in sheep –clothes, but inwardly they are tearing wolves, for they separate the Son from the Father, the Christ from Jesus. And the day will come, when they will misuse my name to announce themselves. They verily are the wolves in sheepskin, because they are feigning in the Name of Christ. Yet, discern them, they only speak of Jesus merely, and make him serve themselves. They raise themselves to Christ, and to Jesus solely remains the rank of a master among many, only.

Do you know the name of their masters? They are alien to you. But to win the silly ones, they call their masters the rebirth of this or that apostle. They give you their magic word, their magic syllable, and promise you their strength. In truth you are giving your strength to them, because you shall be the carriers and apostles of their religion. And this is deceitfully similar to the teaching of Christ. But their religion only serves that part in you that is bound to the world of matter, the body, and not the soul. Be on your guard and asking, so that you will discern the ruler of the wrong prophets. Do not let yourselves be blinded by the signs and miracles, because the strength of the opponent is great. What he gives, he can take away, and what he takes, he can give again. He gives you his bond, and takes your soul.

Jesus Christ takes not, he gives. He gives you his spirit and his redemption from this world. So hark to the word of JESUS THE CHRIST, and be steadfast, and courageous in His Name so that you will be reborn in his Spirit. Go forth in JESUS THE CHRIST. AMEN

John the Baptist
March 1994

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
over how many cities did you cast your shadow.

John the Baptist 06.03.94

Francis of Assisi


Turn away from this world, for the body and the joy thereof is the pleasure of the antichrist.

Francis von Assisi







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