The Last Days and the New Beginning



Throughout the centuries judgment was predicted over and again: Only during the last hundred years, e. g., at the beginning of WW I, at the overthrow of the middle-European monarchies – together with the Russian Revolution, at the Third Reich and at WW II, at the founding of the State of Israel, just like now again because of the Maya-Calendar. But nothing happened. No apocalypse, no world-judgment, nothing.

In the previous chapter I explained that a man was knit together and coalesced with the Spirit of John the Baptist, in order to prepare the coming of Jesus Christ. By this the 2000 year-old sentence >the time is nigh< attains a completely new, dramatic reference: The time of the final judgment, in our perception of time, no longer is far off, rather it is right before us.

From the biblical descriptions we know: The coming end-of-time will have a dimension never before experienced by world or men. Not only our earth is involved, but also the whole cosmos. Prophesies given by Jesus Christ and the Prophets of old and new times describe it as follows:


»waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set on fire and dissolved, and the heavenly bodies will melt as they burn!«. [2 Petr 3,12]


"As for these things that you see, the days will come when there will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down." [Lk 21:6]
“Immediatelyafter the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” [Mt 24:29]
“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.
" [Lk 21,11] 


“Waters shall break, the stone of the wall.
Fires will burn, the grass of the earth.
Animals will feed, on the corpses of men.” [John, who took down the Revelation]


With the judgment the state of our world and the cosmos surrounding us change. This does not imply a deletion, but a metamorphosis. This pertains to all of matter, and it also affects us ourselves. The natural laws presently applying , will then no longer be valid. A new form of being, that we do not know now, and therefore cannot define, will develop. This, of course, is nothing new. It is already described by the prophet (Rev 21:1) in the bible:

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.” [Rev 21]

Tremendous, for man unthinkable powers must work to bring about this state. Repeatedly we are told in the messages we were given, that >fire and water will form a new element. Yet also fire and water will work destruction< . We are standing before a catastrophe for man, inexperienced before. It is inexcusable to - in any way - play down this process. This is especially so with the teachings of the modern esotericism: They speak of personal maturation and purification of man, of a collective process of gestation and transmit a feeling >that one is softly transported into this new state<. The opposite is true: the world is full of conflicts, at large, at small. Despite of all abundance, it also is full of famine. It is full of pains, miseries and sicknesses. It also is full of humiliations, expulsions, revolutions, and wars. There is no lasting maturation, and a gentle change towards the positive is nothing but a naïve dream.

Judgment being over, a new age begins. Then the last day of the world, the 7th day is over. We are standing at the morning of the 8th day, the new beginning. All that has changed itself towards the light, will live in the new creation. All that opposed change will no longer exist. This point in time is identical with the Coming of Jesus Christ, with the Day of the Lord. Our messages tell of a final blow of the spirit that is necessary to break through to the 8th day.

We ask for the reason for these occurrences. In the new messages it is explained as follows: The bible explains the existence of Adam and Eve before the fall. Then the temptation by Satan takes place. Man turns away from God, turns towards Satan. This is the beginning of the present age in the history of mankind. Modern science describes this process with the theory of the Big Bang, through which the joint creation of matter, time, and space of an original singularity “

[Wikipedia], approx. 13.7 billions of years ago, is explained.

From the perspective of the spirit the world foundered into a labyrinth of agony and hopelessness. John the Baptist names it > the miscarried world, in which the light and the love of the Almighty God were robbed and defiled<, and names the consequences resulting thereof:


>There never was peace, and there never will be peace in a world of the robbed and raped light.
There never was love, and there never will be love in a world that is separated from the One and True Love through


There never was salvation in this world of stone and flesh and blood, and there never will be salvation in this world of

the opponent.

There never was unity in this world, and there never will be unity as long as Satan is separating this world from

unity<. [John the Baptist]


These conditions shape our existence as men, beginning with our birth. When we look at the world more closely, it can only be changed towards the positive, when the ruling principles are changed completely. This, however, cannot be worked by man, this must be accomplished by God. God himself has promised to interfere with His Might and His Spirit, and to free the recognizing creatures from the presently prevailing bondage. He will do so by transferring this world into a new, purified, and light world. When he is done, …


>… man is freed from Satan’s ban. He is rid of the latter’s fetters and might. His body no longer serves as a prison for his spirit. Only then man will be truly free in his decision<. [John the Baptist]

In this context it becomes clear what the biblically promised >salvation< of man is. And the word >final judgment< loses much of its dooming aspect. For those men and souls yearning for freedom, it is the gate to the promised salvation. Yet, those adoring the world and venerating the transient body will not be able to proceed, and remain – spiritually speaking – lifeless.

For this state to be attained, the powers of Satan in this world have to be overcome. Satan will not voluntarily hand over his might. It will be an inordinate clash of the powers of the light and the powers of darkness. No scenario could possibly describe it. Our earth has never seen such a battle, and never will see one alike. Who of us will defend this world – and voluntarily or unwillingly fight for Satan? Who of us will have the strength, to stand up and contend for John the Baptist? It is a battle with demonic and magic powers, deliberate confusions and deceptions. Satan with his spiritual and embodied tools will work wonders on end. He will succeed in making most men believe that he himself is the True One sent by God, and that John the Baptist is the antichrist, because the latter destroys the existing world.

We are approaching this time. Ever more closely meshed is the net of man’s freedom of movement. Computers direct and control everyday-life, thus also us. Some animals >for practical reasons< already are carrying a chip below their skin. How closely does this already match the description [Rev 13:16,17] that nothing may be bought or sold without the sign on the skin?

We experience natural disasters of large scale and register a worldwide changing climate. The statistics of the last ten years tell us of an average of 385 annual cataclysms; in the 1990-ies they were 258, in the 1980-ies 165. 780.000 persons were killed. In comparison with the last ten years the number of casualties increased by 76 per cent. We’re discussing about the reasons, without really knowing them. Who of the scientists is asking for causes surpassing the world, inhered in the spiritual sphere?

A tremendous change in the religions is in process. Only cautiously this is discussed. It relates to their interior connection, their relation with one another, as well as to the increase in extreme violent groups. In how far are we already living in the time in which the following prophesy of John the Baptist becomes reality?


>… He will promise you well-being, he will address your reason, and he will say: Look, where did the wars come from? They came through the religions, so we will bar the religions, and there will be no more war<. [John the Baptist]

We are running out of time.

Like John says, >…the power of destruction already has been sparked<. The time > is limited to warn everyone, that he may own up to life or to death<. Life is eternal existence in the Spirit of God. Death, however, is the vexing living and dying in the body, in Satan’s realm. Do not let us wait >until the mountains are flooded by water, and the valleys barren with drought<. For then, we will have been waiting for too long.

Men will need help, then. Who will assist John the Baptist, when there will solely be anguish, misery, pain, and need? Today, not being pressed hard, it is possibly easy to say a quick >I will<. How many shall remain, however, >when the hurt chokes one’s throat< due to what’s happening around us, >where one counts those having survived, not those having died,< like Jeremiah tells us. Those helping will only be few. Probably they will be those concealed by the figure of 144.000: Who will withstand even to death. There will be circumstances even challenging the limits of the most faithful ones. How otherwise can we interpret the words of the Evangelist Matthew: >And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short<.

John fights for truth, thus, in consequence against the ruling values and principles of the material world. Therefore it is evident that men will oppose him, - therewith also Jesus Christ. In judgment the forces of truth and the forces of lie face off. I wish to shortly broach on this topic, citing a word of John the Baptist. May everyone relate to this word for himself!


>I told you that man consists of truth. Who betrays truth, betrays himself. But what is truth, what is untruth? Ignorance and untruth are twins. They are not born together, but they follow one another according to fixed laws of the world. The energy of the untrue and impure has more power in this world than truth and purity have. Ignorance and untruth develop from haughtiness and simplicity, yes, they are haughtiness and simplicity downright. Ignorance and untruth are the cause for a mislead world, for a world of displacement, for a world of trampling-down, for a world of destruction. They give birth to an insoluble chain of aberration and misdeed. They are the origin of any delusion and of all darkness.

A single untruth brings forth innumerable ones and leads to lasting error. But this error is supported by a limited under-

standing, which the worldly intelligent and presumably wise ones consider to be the cognition of the ultimate things.

However, in truth they are only tools of their own vanity and self–adulation. They are not wicked in the essential sense of

the word, because they do not know about the evil. They do the wrong, for they consider the wrong to be the good. They do the evil, since they think the destructive to be the constructive. They do the wicked, because of hate against everything lying beyond their limited understanding and beyond their limited power.

These wrong-doers will always do the wrong. So the evil and the wrong are the fruit of a stupid and pert spirit who,

however, intends to subdue the Divine Spirit. Darkness and simplicity, darkness and untruth are the fruit of a limited intelligence. They are the fruit of a limited insight. Untruth and ignorance long since have been holding possession of this mankind, yes, they are guiding and directing you. It is an illness deeply embedded in the hearts and in the thoughts.

How many thoughts and deeds, how many actions and laws stem solely from ignorance and untruth? Cure of this sickness, it can merely only be attained by a Divine miracle or by a Divine fire. Do you now understand, why the Lord speaks: "I shall burn this world with my fire"

[John the Baptist]

This will result in a tremendous movement, anti-Christian in character, defending this world, borne by aberration and untruth. And possibly they will be heeding to the commands of a chief – the antichrist.

Before God’s spirit reaches the earth, >every messenger of God will die through the hands of silly men<. A glimpse at history affirms this to the jota: The fates of men, sent into this world by God, are appalling. Distress, maltreatment, and martyrdom are their constant companions. This misdemeanor of mankind towards God’s witnesses runs through space and time. Runs from Abraham, then the prophets, John and Jesus, the Apostles, then to the burnings of the heretics of the Middle Ages. In truth this continuous thread is a trail of blood, continuing into today [Covenant of the Rose, pages 290 …].

This will not change >before the hour, when world and men will be judged. Then, in the Hour of Truth, the power of the Almighty God will seize the upright and courageous ones< is the promise made by John the Baptist to those faithful to him. A word of him, spoken to the Prophet Malachi, expresses this even more clearly:


>Now I am coming with the power and the fire of the Almighty God to fulfill your word. {Malachi’s word to the world [Mal 4:5] “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.”}
Ishall come down on a day, when they will be full of mockery of me and the prophets. I shall come down at an hour, when haughtiness and sin against the Lord darken the earth. I shall come with fire and sword. I shall sit and refine. I shall stand and purify. I shall walk and purge, so that I may find those the Lord will elevate< .
[John the Baptist]

How will this change in power be effected? For thousands of years the world has destroyed all messengers sent by God, and now - within an extremely short span of time - an influence should become powerful enough to completely reverse this? When we ask science of today, we are told that this is inconceivable. Yet, for ages a judgment has been foretold: In the Hour of Truth the Power of the Spirit is set free:


>When judgment is passed over world and men, then the lamb will have paws and tearing teeth and horns. The wolves shall flee the lambs, for the power is taken from the wolves and given to the lamb. By God’s iron hand, by God’s tools, the might will be torn from Satan’s slaves. The lamb shall no longer be the prey in the claws of those silly, murdering, and unjust. To do so, to support this, and to herald this, will be the hour of truth and the hour of judgment through the word, and the order to those few elected ones,  assigned to serve by Jesus Christ and those assigned in my name.<

[John the Baptist]

The power of the Elijah-John-Jesus-Spirit, as the Prophets call it, will be the center of this change. In our latitude the reason for the celebration of Christmas and Easter is commonly known. But who knows the reason for Pentecost?

By this, I wish to illustrate how little room is given to the question of the power of the spirit. And especially this power should exist and shake up the world? To deal with this fundamental problem ought to have been an urgent task for natural scientists and theologians.

Apparently this power is working little or not at all. But when it will meet this earth, dramatic things will happen.

The reason for the change comes from the outside and affects the earth. A word of Jesus expresses this almost ‘as in physics’:


>Your science tells you, men cause these cataclysms by their behavior. Others say the disasters are sent by darkness.

And again others contend that God brings these calamities over men.

The reason is different, however: The more the mission is implemented and The Day is approaching, the more the spirit will come down on matter, will enter into matter. The laws of matter then will crumble. A pressure permeating the interior of the earth will arise. In consequence, a movement inside the earth, leading the pressure to the outside develops. Thus volcanos, earthquakes and masses of water arise, even whirlwinds through the heat coming up to the surface of the earth.

Great misery will then be among men. It is of prime importance that the spirit does not wish for the misery and affliction of the bodies. God, in his love and grace, has provided these needy men with a Spirit of Salvation: The Elijah-John-Jesus-Spirit shall succour these bodies. Each body can decide then, if he will to proceed into salvation, or if he wishes to be reborn in a new matter. Whoever recognizes the Truth and the Spirit can go with us<.

[Jesus Christ]


>And when the oscillation of these true systems will reach your planet, the Spirit of God will arrive at you. Oscillation means movement and change, oscillation means permeation. And when the rigid matter will swing, then it will break and fall to pieces. All that is fixed will shatter. Also that which is rigid in the spirit will not withstand these oscillations. It will break to pieces like glass, it will be grinded like stone<.
[John theBaptist]


>It is of prime importance that the spirit does not wish for the misery and the affliction of the bodies. - Who recognizes the Truth and the Spirit can go with us<. By these two sentences Jesus Christ includes all men. He does not make a distinction between religions.

Whoever is suddenly confronted with these words, easily reacts with fear and rejection. This especially motivates me to publish the following message. Is was given by the Prophet Jonah. The words point to the Spirit of John. Man isn’t lost. He is offered salvation by the Spirit of >Elijah-John-Jesus<. It is the embodied John the Baptist, who will act in this spirit. He extends help to every person. Each one decides for himself, if he wishes to accept it and will enter salvation.


>Do observe the signs, no longer can they be denied.

Cataclysms bring pain and misery into a manifold of men.

Continents will be split and even dissipated, and will swim away like ice floes.

Nobody will be able to recognize his home.

Then the time will be ripe for the recognition of the One Truth.

The Spirit of John has entered this world,

to fetch those, who are his, before this perdition, then impeding.

Be not frightened! Be joyous with salvation!<

[The Prophet Jonah]


The Judgement or the Final Coup


What you are looking for

cannot be found by searching.

Yet, though, only those looking for it find it.

The hour approaches quickly.

The expected comes abruptly.



Our world is wrested from the True Spirit.

God’s Spirit is extremely little in this world (merelya whiff). God created man as a spiritual being, originally. Man lived and drew from the oedema of the Almighty God. Man neither had to eat nor speak, for the spirit nourished him, his thoughts were his speech. He neither had to kill to be, nor did he have to suffer death.

Then Satan seceded from God, and subjected the earthto his rule. Ever since the earth has been cut off from unity.

The fates of all those sent by God could be mentioned here, what they had to suffer, to what afflictions they were exposed in the struggle for the one truth.

The time of the spirit has begun, but the ime of man is ending.

This world will end, and it will be transformed by the Spirit of Elijah-John-Jesus.

The spirit will grow and ignite this world (the powerof the light increases continuously, likewise the walls of darkness, - until the spark has an effect, just like with a capacitor). But until this happens, probably only little thereof will be sensed (nonetheless everything is full of incidents ???). Or are, among other things, the changes in climate (going into extremes) possibly a signal that the earth is beginning to stagger???

The spirit (it fits the vibration of the true systems)spreads by vibration. When these oscillations reach this world, all that is rigid will crack. This also pertains to inflexibility of the spirit. It will break like glass, be pulverized like stone. The prophets call the instant when this will happen the Final Coup. (For the first time the light will begin the battle with the will and might of the Heavenly Father. Thus, for the first time, the powers will contend with one another. Do be prepared!)

This coup will be initiated by the inexorable Spirit of Elijah-John-Jesus. Only through this spirit the world and all brothers will be saved from martyrdom by darkness and united. By this power the dungeon of darkness will be destroyed. And through this force the counterforce of Satan will be deleted. This has been promised for thousands of years. We were given hope and confidence by all brothers of the Covenant of the Rose that the victory over darkness is possible (still in this life). John the Baptist is embodied, the unison with Elijah (the fire) is yet to come. When will this occur, and when will the incorporated John the Baptist will be uplifted into the spirit? Only then his power can be unlimited.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty that this will take place during our life-span. Time is in God’s hand. There solely remain the words of God the Father, Jesus Christ and John the Baptist: Do believe in Me, do believe in Me, do believe in Me. As of now, even the minutest one in this world is strong enough to trample the true light underfoot.

We are told that,
before the battle against Satan will begin, in this world an army must be raised that will command the waters, ban the fire, threaten the storm to rescue the Father’s children. To save all those wishing to return into the spirit, yearning to leave behind body and matter for good. In this world an army has to be levied of those opposing Satan and his superiority. By now the many, who once enrolled, have dwindled into a very few (the circle already is resolved! Was this foreseeable spiritually?) Now all activity is stopped temporally, until God will act! Time is not fulfilled, yet.

But when the time will be fulfilled,
this will mean that John the Baptist has risen a host of the just and faithful, the courageous and brave ones, who are ready to combat and die for Christ. Who are prepared to stand up against the power of Lucifer in this world (the rising happens quickly, and in the spirit only, directly after the final coup).

By the grace of God we will then be with the power of the Father.

The word is spirit and grace in one.

When He writes it into your book of life, you will be true fulfillment.

So see the bitterness:

Every day that passes (until then) hurts the spirit.

Grace is fulfilled.

Time at its peak, grace ended (when the hour of truth arrives).

(God now speaks of an ultimate grace for all men, a final grace before the end).

But until then? Satan can exercise his power over the carnal body. That is his world, and there man is vulnerable to his attack.

Treefold the peal’s resonance.

The bodies divided in hope and conceilment. Yet, one third will be deaf.

The peal’s resonance will become voice. Under its spell will be those hoping, the lukewarm and the deaf ones, even those fleeing, since the places of hiding will be effaced.

Holy love’s voice, however, will transform into the word of the holy scream.

The quivering of the bodies and souls is not of this world, since, at this hour, the tortured holy blood will be poured out over all that exists.

Yet, at the same hour, united in one figure, a youth, a man, and an aged one will be sitting by dark waters.  This one body will outpour the tears of the righteous from the beginning of the world onwards over this earth.  They will be tears of fulfillment, for the One Prophet with the many names and wounds did speak the forgotten, and by the world derided word.

In these tears, there will no longer be the salt of the earth, however.

This word reveals and conceals.  The hidden shelters purity and truth.  It remains secret to be protected from the pestilential kicks of this world.

Do not disregard and deride this word of truth, for, in this hour, you shall be uplifted above the world that carries treason’s scald.

This is the burden of truth.  It is bliss to him who understands.  Whoever disrespects it, will go astray, until he will eventually judge himself.

You haughty and self-righteous ones, are you able to discern the pain within me on account of this world?

JOHN THE BAPTIST  (2003-03-05)


Joel, 2:28-31


28 [e] And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;
your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.
29 Even on the male and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit. 30 “And I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. 31 The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. 32 And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom the Lord calls.


The Final Coup

When the final coup will hit the world, John the Baptist will already be in the spirit (before the stars fall from heaven).

Until the spirit suffuses the earth’s round,the word of the Baptist will be disregarded.

And it will happen,
that stars will fall from heaven, that the seas will overflow, that the sun will burn any wood and the fields, and that lava will fall from heaven, and that the continents will shift.

There is no day and no hour, only the moment of the final coup.

Like a sword the cross will burn itself into this earth, and the bolt of the spirit will hit this world in its marrow and bone. The world will be smitten. This is the final coup.

After the final coup there will only be horror on earth. Who will manage to be faithful, then? Who will then recognize that salvation can only be in the true spirit and will turn his back to man and world? This is the scream of the faithful ones for the spirit. Spirit alone is salvation. This is the moment of despair, without any hope. This is the moment making the prophets worry, whether we will weather the storm, the hardest test for the faithful ones?

For all those steadfast, on the third day thereafter, in misery and pain,the spirit will rise and the power of the spirit will become manifest. And the spirit will be effused. It will be one body. This is the beginning of spiritual action. And many tasks are waiting for us. (This spirit effused will have names. And all names diffused will only have one aim: To aid in the great mission for Jesus Christ. And in all these names there is fire and strength, purity and truth, love and humility. And we are to help these combatants.)

To remain faithful until the end will be tough, however:

„I know the word Jeremiah spoke to his body, and am pondering and dwelling on it, and am doubtful, still. In the end the efforts of his chosen body to protect the rest of the faithful ones from Satan’s ruses, will be shattered.”

In the end of the following applies to all those standing upright, who didn’t fall, calling for the spirit and rejected this world, who did not give in to grief, whatever they had see and experience, - all those will be gathered by John the Baptist. He will give them a new name. This name, each one will receive, will reveal him his existence within a second.

From that point onwards, nobody will hesitate to serve Christ.

He will not be afraid any longer, when brothers and sons, namely Satan’s children, will chase him, intending to stone him, when they will to torture him, to kill him. - “For everybody who received his name from me (John the Baptist) will walk on earth, yet, his being already is in the spirit. (How would I be pleased for everyone, who will be with me to serve Christ on that day!)


Fighters in the spirit will arrive, headed by our Brother Peter. Every disciple takes part in the mission, and many others, too.

Once you are spirit, their help will be valuable for you. Their joy in the mission is immeasurable.

When you read what happened [e.g. The First Pentecost/the effusion oft he spirit? (my opinion)], you are reading what is to come.

Be prepared.

Further messages (some few ones, of a vast number)


For, only he who is within you, will have strength on the day and in the hour, when the spirit transforms into fire and storms.

For your spirit will reach them on that day, and will unite them at that hour.

And you will no longer trust your senses observing what is happening.

Since heaven will contract and quake, yet, the earth will be suspended from its orbit.

Then is the time, when you shall break the bread.

Each one to the one, and one to the other.

For all bound on that day, will be bound in the Lord.

For all split on that day, will be split in the Lord.

And heaven will open, and a peal will resound.

And an angel will be with the Book of Life.

And he will hand it to you (John the Baptist), and only you can read in it, and interpret and understand.

And you will read from it, and vigour will be within you.

For your word will shine forth in the sky, from one end to the other, and from here to there.

And whose name you pronounce, he shall burn in the Spirit of the Lord.

Jochanan, your love and grace is order with me and my volition.

The spirit will increase and set this world afire.

But Lucifer’s blow will attempt to hit you.

Be warned, his fury is great.

The sign will be in the sky,

instantaneously the world will see it.

Power will be imparted to this earth, 

the spirit’s force will increase, however. Darkness you shall behold, and radiant stars. 

Yet, nobody will know thesestars.

No one will know, who sent them. Hit they will this world.

This is the first day.

But on the second day there will be lament and grief in this world.

On the third day nobody will know what to eat or to drink,

and the fourth day will hold epidemics and death.

Blessed he who believes, for life will be his.

Only the seventh day will bring salvation.


Mistaken will be all those believing this Jochanan ben Sacharja to be dead. For I do know, that his strength only begins, when he is completely desolate, when he is utterly destroyed, when everything surrounding him has about diminished, has given in.

Only then his power begins truly, over and again. And this might cannot be killed, and nobody can annihilate it, nobody. And whoever fathoms to have defeated him, will discern that he himself is the loser in the end.

And what will the end (directly after the final coup?) be like?

I'm giving you a small word regarding end:

Gathered have 12 times 12 - in numbers.

St. Thomas puts his hand into the stigma.


Everyone in this world understanding my word, does recognize the grandeur and the sublimeness of heaven, the paradise of Jesus Christ.

Again have I come into this world to find and round up those yearning for redemption in Christ’s paradise. Hard is the route, great the bodily plight.

Those recognizing the greater, the eternal, the unimaginable beyond the bodily and earthly wellbeing will experience never-ending joy: The Heaven of Love, Faithfulness and Avowal. The nonbreakable Covenant of the Spirit suffering pain, humiliation, misery and disrespect in this world in order to accomplish the utmost:

Truth and eternity of the spirit, invulnerability of existence within the Almighty God.




The bodies will be defiled as long as Satan is in this world.

The coup against Satan must be.

All the misery has to come to an end.

We will end the suffering with the coup against Satan

God the Father is far away from us.

Is it His will, or not, we do not know it.

When the power of John will come, the inconceivable might,

mankind will not understand the love.

The coup will be undreamt of for all that lives on this planet.

True love must win.

The battle against Satan will not be easy, him being the prince of this world.



You are an altar of illusions, an altar of infatuation and stupefaction, o world.

None the less you only are a place of death and lamentation, of decay and sorrow.

How much water and how much fire will still have to come over this world, before it understands?

How much pain, sickness and misery will this mankind still have to suffer, before it understands?

O world, how do I see you crying.

O children how do I see you screaming for your mothers.  

O mothers, how do I see you yelling on account of your children

O fathers, how do I see you cursing due to the misery this world and your children are still to undergo.

But this world and these men, they do not hear it, for they are devoted to the phoney. Embodied, they live in bondage to the seducer and tempter. Thus my word is given in vain. In vain it will be, yet true.

O God, o Lord, o John, o Jesus Christ, o all you angels and all you prophets, all you martyrs and all you saints: Do rush our into this world to ease the pain. O Lord, do give them strength, so that, which my eye foresees, and my word prophesies, will be softened.

Amen. Amen. Amen



Who will walk with me, will recognize the power, and the truth, and the purity.
Who will walk with me, his way will be hard from start to finish.


To relieve your distress.

Murder and slaughter will be.

On the seventh day the outer space will rest.

On the eighth day mankind will be aroused from its slumber.

At 6:36 a.m. the first trumpet will resound, and then the second, and then the third, then the fourth and the fifth, then, however, the sixth.

And when the seventh strain will be heard from heaven, then all will chaim simultaneously, and it will be 6:46.

Angels will precipitate. And every sword of these angels will find its target and will murder.

It will stab into the chest and

be removed trough the throat.

And there will be a wailing and a lamentation among the peoples of this world.

And no longer will they understand their God.

They will run to their idols and pray for help, but here there is the death, who cannot save them.

The host of those deceased will start up towards heaven, and knock on its doors.

But the gates will be trussed will iron, for not one is among them, who is meant for heaven.

And on the eighth day a stealed and armoured army will form from the peaks of the mountains, and from the depths of the seas, and from the interior of the earth, and a combat will flare up on earth, and in the heavens.

To you my brother, I will give my love, however. If a demon makes towards you closer than permitted, the Sword of John will kill him without hesitation.



Yet, over and again your word (John) is disrespected, and your doing.

And now your word will metamorphose, and your word will be God’s anger.

If they will not obey, the seven scourges of God against all flesh are in your hand, and one scourge will hurt the flesh more than the other, for the days are marked, and the hours chosen, when the spirit will be poured out over the elect, and will transform the flesh in the fire.


John (Rev)

"My word will fulfill itself during your time of mission.

The waters will break the wall’s stone.

The fires will burn the earth’s grass.

The animals will feed on the bodies of men.

Darkness will smother the light.

Every inch of the earth will burnt and poisoned.

But, not yet is the Saviour-Spirit prepared.

There must be an army of those banning the fire, ordering the waters, threatening the storm, so that the brother’s child is sheltered. No arc will be there to rescue them. Swoon, however, will hit those impure, for their body cannot bear the light.

Thousand bolts will rush down.  Every lightning is the light of the defence of the spirit.  And they will populate the world, and carry the light of John the Baptist. Their energy will seize your body, and uplift you to unlimited power.


Hildegard von Bingen

All over the earth volcanoes will erupt. The implications of these eruptions will be felt everywhere earth. Even in the arctic, at the poles. Also tsunamis will result. The earth shall hatch out. The volcanic outbursts will be sided by tremendous earthquakes. Your subsoil water will be polluted.

You do not really know, what it means, when the forces of nature are unbound. But now you will experience it.

Be prepared. It is beginning.



Thus the lamb opens the eternal book it received from the Father’s womb.

The Lamb is reading in this book.

In it there are names, words, signs, and figures of the prophets.

They will be names that will make the terrestrial spheres shudder.

They will be names that gush it with sweetness.

They will be words that will make the world quake.

They will be words that will uplift the world.

They will be signs that will destroy the world.

They will be signs that will erect it in new glamour.


They will be figures that will destroy the world.

They will be figures that will build it anew.

Every name will burn in the spirit thousandfold,

for the Lamb of God will come to contend for His possession.

Because the Lamb of God will come in peace, but will harvest hate and destruction.

Since the Lamb of God will come in love, but will experience persecution.

He will read out the names of the chosen ones.  And the spirit will uplift them.  Yet, the earth will quake.

John, I am safeguarding your ways.


The Lamb, He will descend in the sign of the cross.

The Lamb, He will enter this world and nevermore will it be (the final coup).

The Fighter for the Lamb of God will cast aside thorns and branch-work with the sword, so that the Lamb may reign in glory.  But the world hates the Lamb, His fighter John the Baptist, and their spirit.

O, woe onto you world, revolting against the fighters and the spirit.

O, woe onto you man. bristling up in simple-mindedness.

O, woe unto you people of Israel, this once again is grace, and the ultimate one.

When this woe will be spoken by the Heavens and those, who are His, the waters will freeze and the trees will shake.

O, woe unto you world, denying the Lord and those who are His, because the prince of darkness will wrench you into damnation.

Thus the Lamb will come, and nobody will recognize Him.

O, woe unto you man only knowing delusion.  The Fighter will come, and nobody will kindly regard his doing.

O, woe unto you world, He is bestowed with the power to separate the spirits. To part life from perdition.

O, woe unto you world, his call will be sheathed within you as an ignominy for eternity.

John the Baptist

.... whether you deem yourselves secure or lost, once again I will to give you my word. It says:

>Where my sign ablazes with light you shall commemorate me. Endless, limitless, fearless – returned in this body of mine.<


Everyone in this world understanding my word, does recognize the grandeur and the sublimeness of heaven, the paradise of Jesus Christ.

Again have I come into this world to find and round up those yearning for redemption in Christ’s paradise. Hard is the route, great the bodily plight.

Those recognizing the greater, the eternal, the unimaginable beyond the bodily and earthly wellbeing will experience never-ending joy: The Heaven of Love, Faithfulness and Avowal. The nonbreakable Covenant of the Spirit suffering pain, humiliation, misery and disrespect in this world in order to accomplish the utmost:

Truth and eternity of the spirit, invulnerability of existence within the Almighty God.



In English(Brit. flag)you may read the following books, online, for free, at www.poss-verlag.de

Altinger, Hans Bernd: John the Baptist His True Life and Work

Winberg, Walo: The Covenant of the Rose

Valentin, Ursula: ‘... that I Preserve You From the Judgement of the Lord’

In German the above-mentioned books are published as hardcovers.

At Youtube – you may find an interview with Hans Bernd Altinger (2 parts)


You can also read or download for free these books as a PDF-version. Please click on the book.

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Hans Bernd Altinger
John the Baptist - his true Life and Work -
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Walo Winberg
The Covenant of the Rose
ISBN: 978-3-9810422-1-4
Price: 18,60 EUR

 Ursula Valentin
... that I Preserve you from the Judgement of the Lord
ISBN: 978-3-9810422-2-1
Price: 17,60 EUR

Interview with Hans Bernd Altinger
Part one
Youtube features this interview with English subtitles

Part two
Youtube features this interview with English subtitles


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