The Present Time

A few 100 millions of people lived at the time of Jesus Christ. Only around 1800, at the beginning of industrialization the figure of a billion was exceeded. Today we have some seven billions. For 2025 eight billions are expected. We live in a rapidly changing world. Day by day we’re bombed with information without end. It is flashing, beeping, ringing – throughout our day. We’re completely exposed to internet and mobile services. We’re restlessly driven. Heaping up endless knowledge, as human beings we’re becoming drained successively. News about cataclysms, violence and crime, famines, world depression, wars and terror attacks from all over the world – we are registering, forgetting, replacing them by new ones. Additionally there are our personal sorrows, needs, and fears, which we have to overcome. So all of us are more or less paralyzed and bound. We’re being tired and subdued by a polygon of rules and regulations, so to say. For the spiritually interested person, this is a hopeless and depressing state. How can it be possible to find a way to God, given such conditions. How can we be enabled to approach this God? Has God left us? Have we left him? What kind of society will the future hold? Where isthis planet earth headed to with us? The situation seems hopeless.

However, there are also persons looking for answers, this homepage is meant for them.


John the Baptist - his Renewed Return

John the Baptist has begun his renewed work on earth, and thereby the New Mission of John.

In this world, there is a man, who is immediately connected with the spiritof John the Baptist. He is receiving his word, the ‘inner word’, and flowingly handing it on to his fellow men. The words of John to his ‘body’ document how close this connection is:

»You my I,
you my being
you and I - one truth«

This sounds incredible, creates doubts. They have to be faced. Only, who overcomes his own limits, and dares to set out on ways beyond those familiar to him, can make new discoveries and experiences. Concerning this, John the Baptist says:


»So I am asking you to proceed and renew yourselves in the spirit of this mission. Do verily become new in the spirit of Christ. Do lay aside fear and fright. Understand that every step ahead is accompanied by the pain of change. My word also touched some of you painfully. Please, my beloved brothers and sisters, check each of my words anew, discover their value or reject them. Take in whatever is helpful from my words for the grand spiritual mission. Do weigh all my words again, for you do have to find out, if you can accept them, or if you can proceed with my words«


When we’re reflecting this rationally, the following questions arise:

·                    How does his ‘body’ receive these words?

·                   What are the texts, telling of John the Baptist coming into this world again?

·                    Why is John the Baptist acting in this world again?

·                    What is he saying?

Returning, John the Baptist fulfils the same precursor-mission to Jesus Christ as 2000 years ago. Then he pointed with a powerful voice to a new time, freed men from old rites and precepts, and initiated the one baptism for eternal salvation, like we know it today. He pointed to Jesus Christ and put him into focus as the redeemer of men. At the same time the Baptist receded into the background.

In his book >John the Baptist - His Life and Mission – His Return<, Hans Bernd Altinger took down the life of John the Baptist anew. In addition, there is a video giving a very good survey of this book (please, see right-hand sidebar). In his book Altinger describes the time then, its pressures, and the power of the authorities. John the Baptist freed men from the old terrestrial and spiritual chains. Once baptized by him, men were free from the rituals the priesthood imposed on them, from their leading-strings. The strenuous, costly and oftentimes monthly pilgrimage to the Temple suddenly became redundant. Now every baptized person could freely stand before God, for good.

Our time compares well to then. The number of those believing in the Almighty God is diminishing. The words of Jesus Christ are adopted towards men, not vice versa. Men understand themselves to be rulers on earth. They believe through natural sciences and technology absolutely anything can be achieved. The transiency of all material things is expelled from thinking. The existence of a higher authority is forgotten or denied. The word of John the Baptist is clear:

»O, you bodies of men, o, you souls of men, I know your troubles, I am familiar with your plights, I even experience your doubts and pains, nonetheless, I am telling you: Do not look for eternity in the vanishing, do not hope for everlasting life in the dying body, do not expect peace in the world of Satan that is opposing the Spirit of God. The body of man and the world of Satan will never experience peace, fulfillment and salvation before the mission in the name of Elijah-John-Jesus has ended and is fulfilled.«

The Baptist’s word explains the principle of this world, urges for recognition and return. The words separate spirit from matter, illusion from insight, eternal salvation in the Spirit of God from strife for happiness and fulfillment in this world. At the same time it contains the good news that this world will find peace, but, only after “mission in the name of Elijah-John-Jesus has been fulfilled”. Only then will “God reside among men”. Then will be the time of which Isaiah heralded 2500 years ago:


»The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them. The cow and the bear shall graze; their young shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder’s den. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.«

In order to come into this new state, the present world has to be transformed. This is what biblically is expressed by »the last days« or »judgement«. This is a painful, inconceivable process, during which even the whole cosmos will be subjected to change. This is the prophesied struggle between »God and Satan«, by which »Satan’s spell over earth and man will be broken« John the Baptist having returned, this showdown-period has commenced; itwill be brought to a close, together with Jesus Christ. In John the Baptist’s messages there is no clear date mentioned for the beginning of the struggle. It is clear, however, that only a short span of time remains. The spiritual words are insistent. The preeminent generation will certainly be affected. John the Baptist urges us to be prepared, when he says:


            »The incredible will happen, and the expected will come unexpectedly«


The Words of John the Baptist

By now John the Baptist’s word has been in this world for almost two decades. At many readings it was passed on by his ‘body’. Ursula Valentin, a woman, who, from the very outset onwards, accompanied the way of the terrestrial John, compiled these words in the book “… that I Preserve you from the Judgment of the Lord”, in order to make them accessible to all men. The major subject of John the Baptist’s messages is the description of darkness, of the luciferic-satanic principle of life in this world, and the illumination of the way back to divine salvation – guided by the Spirit of Elijah-John-Jesus. John the Baptist’s teaching is Gnostic, and is not in tune with the teaching of the present Christianity. Yet, the Gnostic point of view is prerequisite to understand and find the spiritual path leading out of darkness. This is possible solely through the strict separation of spirit from matter, of light from darkness. A blend, like it is customary everywhere today, is explicitly excluded.

Frequently the words of John’s teaching do not please us – because they are aimed at ‘our man’, our ego. Thus it is good, that they are taken down in writing. Otherwise the danger would be great that they were quickly warped >fitting man<. Just like Francis shouted to us many centuries ago: >Man, die before you die<, also John the Baptist demands the same of us today, when talking of man’s self conquest.

Three (- video-) messages of John the Baptist have been posted in the web. Please, find the respective links on the right-hand sidebar.


The Covenant of the Rose

John the Baptist has again returned to prepare the way for Christ. He is assisted by an army of spiritual helpers, fighting for the Word and for the Spirit of God. They are, among others, the Biblical Prophets, the Mother of Jesus Christ: Mary, >the Apostles Peter and John, and many others. Their actions are directed by the Spirit of Elijah-John.

On this homepage some of the messages of these spiritual beings are cited. Who received the messages?

Some few persons are touched by the spirit of their otherworldly brothers. They received and took down the word of these spiritual beings. For these men this occurred out of the blue. They firmly stood in every-day life, and suddenly were confronted with a fact that rather made them look like ‘esoteric psychos’. The contrary is true, however. They all hold sophisticated, time-consuming jobs, for which pragmatic and down-to-earth reasoning is absolutely prerequisite.

Those words clearly convey, that John the Baptist is the mightiest fighter of the light in the battle against Satan, in the battle against God’s antipole. He, and all those united in this army, form a brotherhood of light, called >Covenant of the Rose<. They are servants and aids of John the Baptist in the New Mission of John.

>The Covenant of the Rose< is described in detail in Walo Winberg’s book with the same title. Many spiritual messages are published in it, providing us with information for even deeper understanding of what John the Baptist is expressing in his messages.

This Homepage

John the Baptist has returned into this world. With this homepage the author intends to make it possible that this becomes known to everyone. Here the interested reader has the chance to learn more about it.

Nonetheless, this homepage does not dispense from the task of attaining profound spiritual knowledge through constant involvement with the word of John the Baptist. Man needs this spiritual clarity for the time before him, the biblical end of time.

To those saying that all this is ‘the idea of an esoteric psychic’, I wish to propose to reflect on the following: You are living several thousands of years ago: Suddenly somebody begins to build a ship in the desert, explaining God has revealed to him, that soon a great rainstorm will flood all of the land. Also that wasn’t believed by anyone. Nevertheless, it happened.

Things repeat themselves: John the Baptist’s word is anxious about us, and points to upcoming, dramatic changes. It appeals to us to commit and avow ourselves to the words of the spirit, and by doing so to the Almighty Eternal God and to Jesus Christ.

The antichrist will raise his voice. Deceptively similar to what Jesus Christ already said. But the antichrist will speak for the body and for matter, and for the preservation of this world. It is Satan’s false doctrine, for there is no glory, happiness, and peace in this world, being separated from the One and True God.

John the Baptist will emerge powerfully in that time. He will stand up against the antichrist. The Baptist’s word heralds salvation, glory, and bliss in the spirit. His word will be a partition. It will separate men: Those striving towards the spirit from those fighting for their well-being in matter. There will not be a compromise.


»Only who fully and lastingly renounces this world, will resurrect in the coming spirit. You have to sacrifice the desires and goals of the body and the significance of matter to verily resurrect. You have to abandon your cravings and your yearnings of the senses and of this world. This is your tribute«

I consider one more thing important to mention: I do not intend to ask anyone to believe. Yet, I do wish to nudge everyone that he may examine. And then he shall judge.



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